Slanted ceiling bathrooms

Slanted ceilings in bedrooms always make me feel like the room looks
claustrophobic. Not to mention how painful it is whacking your head on the
ceiling when you wake up in the morning. Yup, I've done that once or
twice staying at friends ski chalets. However, looking at these photos of
washrooms with slanted ceilings, I find the slant gives the
 bathrooms a lot of charm and character.

I really like how they accented the slant in the first photo by painting the
wall that delicious shade of blue. So pretty.

This pedestal sink is  perfectly positioned at the heighest point of the slant.

These exposed log beams give this next bathroom a rustic
country feel. I can just imagine a lumberjack leaning
his ax against the tub and throwing his clothes over
that log beam.

I think this irregular shaped shower is far more interesting
then if they had gone with a rectangular one. And
look at all that natural light coming in from the
shower skylight. That would definitely wake me up in
the morning. To shower in there at night, looking up at the
stars and the moon must be pretty fantastic too. I also like how they mix and
matched the tiles in the shower. It gives the shower a modern country feel.

So what do you think of slanted ceilings in the bathroom?

Is it a blessing or a curse?

images via: desire to inspiredecorabilitate, better homes and gardens,  unknown, marie claire maison, country living, brian vanden brink, better homes and gardenscountry living, coastal living, unknown x 2

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