Simply Marble-lous bathrooms

Mmm mmm mm dahlings, how I love marble.
Nothing beats the look of marble, those sexy lines,
that cold feeling, finding funky faces in the patterns.
I just cannot resist it.

Mo marble I say!

Ok, sometimes more marble can
look tacky if done wrong. So take some tips from these
ones to keep your bath looking fabulous dahlings.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous bathrooms, love no 5.
Have a sweet day!

Bose said...

All i can say is Inspiring Designs; Creative Excellence!! thanks for the wonderful share!
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Tiffany said...

all of these are so beautiful! I love the last one the most.

mikky said...

Thanks for the nice comments you guys made my day!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

So pretty! I am huge fans of big bathtubs! Very regal.

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Gorgeous! I have total bathroom envy!

chanelaftercoco said...

I'm in loove!