Maps in the bathroom: get smarter while sitting on the toilet

Once when I was really bored, studying for exams, I started to procrastinate
and suddenly memorizing all the cities on the world map became
a fun way to spend time. For the next 3 weeks if you pointed at
a map I could tell you what country you were pointing at and give you it's capital. You
see I really didn't feel much like studying for that exam! Unfortunately, after 3 weeks I started to
forget most of it, guess I'll never make it on Jeopardy. Now that I have been
blogging, maps have become interesting again, not out of procrastination
or boredom thought! For a whole different reason. I love checking out
where you readers are from. The first time I had a visitor from the
Cayman islands I was bouncing around all day long. If only I had taken a
screen shot! It feels like Christmas every time I click on the "audience"
button. It is so fun to see where you are all from.

So you dear readers have inspired me to do a post on maps and
bathrooms. I think using maps in the bathroom is a fun
way to spruce up the washroom. Isn't it in the bathroom
where we usually end up dreaming up our next vacation
destination? So why not have a map in there!

The map above is made up of tiles. They are digital printed
tiles, so basically you can turn any image you want into
tiles. You can find out more about them here. Just think of all the cool
ideas you could do, I might do a wall of flowers or one giant $100 bill
like that swimming pool in the Ben Stiller movie, Tower Heist. How I`d love
to have that pool!!

Wouldn`t this be a cool lamp to hang in a children`s bathroom?
Time to hit the flea markets to pick up some old globes.
I wonder if Emily from cupcakes and cashmere would
let me have her globe collection to make one
of these world chandeliers....

Ok, these would probably be alot easier to make:

You could buy the light cord from Ikea - I'd get the cool
bright green one (I wanted to post a photo of it, as it
comes in a few different colours, I think there is orange and
maybe pink, red and blue, but I can't remember, it isn't listed on
Ikea's site, but just swing by the store, I saw them pretty recently
so they should still stock them)

However, I don't think these hanging world lamps are
as spectacular as the globe mobile.

I think this vintage map is really beautiful and elegant. I really
like the idea of using old maps. To make them look older, I would
try dying them in tea and fraying the edges to get  a
worn in look.

This Ralph Lauren "Maps in the bathroom" wallpaper is nice too.
It reminds me of the nautical maps my Dad would look at when I
was little.

I also like this diy map project idea:

Cutting hearts out of maps is a brilliant idea. It's a great way to use up
those maps from the last vacations.

Now that I've seen this, I think I will get out one of the maps from our trip
to Paris and cut a heart out of the arrondissements we stayed in. I
could also see doing this out of Disney park maps, or cutting out
maps of where your loved ones are, such as where ancestors
are from. We always collect sand from our tropical vacations, but it would be
fun to cut up the maps instead of leaving them piling up in the bags of
papers I always save from trips and never do anything with!
I think hanging them in the bathroom is the perfect place to use them.

The next photo is of a kitchen, but I think a white and blue old world
map tiled wall like this would look killer behind a modern stand alone
tub. To have all the focus on this amazing wall, I'd keep everything
else white; I'd use a modern white floating vanity, white sink, modern
white toilet, fluffy white towels, and a thick white rug that you
just want to sink your toes into.

So are you all mapped out? I didn't even get a chance to
add photos of map shower curtains!

images via: living etcthe style files, this is glamorous, recyclart, ohdeedoh, elce stockholmsnapdragon small place stylexjavierx,  curbly, everything fabulous, everything fabulous, unknown, the zhush


Charlie Bones said...

This post made me laugh cause when I was a kid I also use to try to memorize every country and it's capital lol ! I did remember everything for a very long time though, but I don't anymore x
I love maps I think sometimes they're just so gorgeous just like in the third picture from the bottom ! and it's always very interesting to discover new cities and all that :) I hope that you're doing all right ?
Have a nice day xxx

mikky said...

Hi Charlie,
I'm doing great, hope you are too! Sounds like your memory is alot better then mine! I agree maps are really pretty and it is definitely fun to find new places. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it made my day. Hope you have a great day.