I like to give my petite lap giraffe a bubble bath once a week

Imagine waking up the day after new years to find this
cutiepie taking a bubble bath in your tub?!

I've got to compliment this little giraffe on his style in bathtubs. Love
the crema marfil tub base, tres chic.

 When I first saw a photo of the petite lap giraffe on the net, I freaked out. I love giraffes and to see one that could fit in the palm of your hand sounded to good to be true, it is (if you're interested you can read about it here). Imagine having your own little giraffe!

Ok, the next photos are not bathroom photos, but I could not resist the cuteness...

If you want to see more photos of the petite lap giraffe here is the official site.

images via: petite lap giraffe

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