Easy breezy beach front bathroom

The snow is going to fall any day now and as soon as it does I 
know I'm going to be dreaming of  this beachy bath.

image via: the book of secrets


Charlie Bones said...

You're absolutely welcome, thank's for visiting mine and for leaving such a nice comment . You speak a really good french by the way !
How are you ?
Have a nice day xxx

Unknown said...

There is nothing like a bit of gorgeous style inspiration and this photo takes the cake! We're actually now in our Australian Summer so days like this with the bright sun are almost daily - enjoy the beautiful snow over your side of the ocean :)

Anna xo


Katia said...

Wow, that light fixture is amazing

mikky said...

Yeah I think so too! :)

mikky said...

Oh Anna I am so jealous!! I`d trade you my snow for your sandy beaches in a heart beat!

mikky said...

Hi Charlie,
LOL, my french is not that good! You haven`t heard me speak it yet;) I am good, how about you? Hope you have a nice monday.