Copper tubs have been catching my eye

Think copper tubs only belong in castle bathrooms? Well think again. Check
out the following photos, you'll find these magnificant tubs in everything from
elegant bathrooms to country style bathrooms to chic and contemporary
washrooms. It just goes to show that if you love a certain tub it doesn't
mean you have to stick to decorating your washroom in the style it is
usually associated with. It can actually look more intriguing mixing up the
styles as you'll see in the last photo, which is one of my personal favorites.

Don't you just love that floral chandelier and check out the
amazing tile pattern in the shower. This bathroom looks
like something you should be reading Shakespeare in.

If you are wondering if there are any health benefits to soaking in a copper tub,
in looked around, it looks like you can only get the benefits of copper by
ingesting it. Wonder if licking the side of your tub would count? ;) Some of the benefits
of copper are: it helps heal arthritis, helps in the healing of wounds, rumatism and is a very powerful antioxidant. For a great list of what copper does for your body click here.

Now back to the advantages of copper in the bathroom - more and more hospitals are switching to copper fixtures and drains in their bathrooms because those made out of copper had 90% fewer germs on their surfaces. Hospitals are starting to specify antimicrobial copper touch surfaces as an additional weapon in the fight against infection, so I guess these same benefits can be applied to copper tubs, hmm...I wonder if that mean you don't have to clean your copper tub as often as other tubs yippeee! Now that would definitely be a great benefit.  To read more about the clinical trial click here.

Here's one of my fav bathrooms:

I find it so visually interesting. I love how they mixed so many styles, the rock wall shower, with modern photography, asian vase and worn looking copper tub and brass standing faucet all combines to make a fresh chic bathroom. You'd never think this pairing would
work, but it looks amazing. Kudoos to the person who designer it.

So which do you prefer - shiny or mat finish copper tubs?

image via: better homes and gardens, a diary of lovely, living etc, country living, elledecor, housebeautiful, google, hgtv, housebeautiful, high camp home,diamond spas, lonny


Melissa dv said...

Oh i really love the concept of your blog! very inspiring x

Krista Payne said...

We happen to love copper too! A copper tub is a show stopping piece compared to that of a standard white! Thanks for showing our work!

mikky said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the sweet comment! Have a great day.


mikky said...

Hi Krista,

Very exciting to have the manufacturer of one of the photos I used stop by! Thanks for visiting. Great to have you.