Cheap and chic tub base solution

I love this idea of using a large mirror as a tub base cover. Not only does it
look fabulous, is inexpensive, and is easy to clean, but it makes your
washroom look bigger, and who doesn`t want a bigger looking
washroom. Plus you can see the refection of your toesies while
you sit on the toilet, bonus!

But where to buy a fab mirror large enough to cover your
tub base? Easy, just head over to any custom glass shower
shop and they can pretty much get you any size
mirror you need. I especially like the look of this bevelled mirror. 
I think it adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom. For a more
modern look you might go with a mirror without a bevell.

The only thing I might change here is that I would have probably also
mirrored the other side of the tub to make it look
like the tub is sitting inside a mirrored box.

image via: ideal home magazine

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