10 shower wall shampoo niche style ideas

So many details need to be thought out in advance when designing
a washroom. One that many people often forget about is where
they are going to put their soaps and shampoos in the new shower.

One idea is to build a hole in the shower wall. This little
spot goes by different names: shower nook, built in shower caddy,
built in shampoo caddy, built in niches and the latest name to add
to the list: shower locker. I`m sure there are a few more, but I
don`t want to put you to sleep.

I`ve pulled together a selection of styles to give
you some inspiration:

A few things to think about when selecting your shower locker:

1. The height of the people using the shower. For example, make sure that it is
placed low enough that little kids showering alone will not end up
with shampoo bottles crashing on their heads when they try to reach
for the bottles.

2. Test out the depth and height  for your built in niche ahead of
time to ensure that all your shampoo and conditioner bottles fit. Measure out
the ideal size you need. If buying a premade niche, bring bottles to the
store - including those jumbo Costco sized bottles! Bring a sample of
everything you use in the shower to make sure it all fits nicely. You`d
be surprised how many nooks aren`t deep enough to
even hold the standard bottle sizes. You don`t want
to be stuck with having to empty your shampoos into little bottles or
wind up in jail from stealing all the hotel shampoos and conditioners;)

3. Don`t forget to save space for razors, body sponges,
depiliators, soap dishes, all those little things you use.

4. Consider having his and her nooks. I think it would be so
cute to have the nooks personalized with mosaic
``his`` & ``hers`` inside them. Or consider having seperate 
niches for shampoo & conditioner, soaps, razors etc..

5. Placement of the nook, if you are having a bench in your shower,
this will likely change where you put your nook and it`s height. So will
the number of shower features such as body sprayers and
hand held shower bars. Also if you tend to shower as a couple,
take that into account when deciding where to put the nook. It
will become far less enjoyable if you have to keep on passing the other
person the shampoos, then again maybe it wouldn`t....

6.  Know the facts: over time grout wears out and cracks, that means that
water sitting inside the built in niches can slip behind the tiles and
create water damage in the walls. Ask your installer about this. Buying
pre-made shower lockers can help to reduce this problem, but I`m no expert,
so speak to one before you set your heart on having a shower niche.

7. Think about turning it into a focal point in your shower. As in some
of these photos consider using different shaped tiles, colour, and textures
to add some Oomph to your shower wall.

Ok, enough chit chat, now back to the photos!

image via: unknown x 3,  coddington design, garret cord wernerkohler unknown, www.kohler.com, unknown (alot of ``unknowns`` here, I had saved many of these images before starting my blog so I didn`t keep track of where they were from, if you know, please leave me a note in the comments. Thanks!)

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