What is it? Answer

Here are your hints again:

hint #1: you can use this in any room of your house, it is not
washroom specific, but I think it would be really cool to use
in your bathroom.

hint #2: it's not a vase.

Alrighty then, click the "click to see more" to find out.

It's a fish aquarium!

Actually, it's called the "Fish Hotel" but I'm guessing these
goldfish will not be checking out ever.

Eek! I just realized how cruel it is for me to put them in the washroom. All
day long they will have to stare at the dreaded toilet all their ancestors got flushed
down before them. Maybe, they won't mind. Actually, wasn't seeing the
toilet a good thing in the Nemo movie?

I think this would make a cool decorating item in a bachelor pad bathroom or
a kids washroom or in the guest bath. Your little goldfish can report on what
colour undies your guests are wearing.Oh, and you can stack them.
So just like Trump, you can own your own luxury tower hotel. 
As you can see these are single fish, they look so lonely staring out the
window, so be sure to get them a roommate!

Start building your real estate empire, get your own fish hotel here.

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