Tub love Tuesdays: gotta love this marble slab tub base

Buying a stand alone tub is easy. You don't have to think about how
to encase the tub. It's not easy to decide how to box in an
undermount or overmount tub, so I'm going to try my
best to feature as many different tub surrounding styles as possible to
help you see all the options available.

The shape and the materials you use as your tub base has a
huge effect on the overall look of your

Encasings can be crazy luxurious and expensive - be it slabs of marble, granite &
onyx or intricate mosaic tile patterns to simple and cheap tub walls such as wood panelling, large porcelain tiles or mirrors.

Stay tuned as I show you all the different options.

If you have a photo of a tub enclosure that rocks please email it to me.

ps. from now on, when I find a cool tub base I'll add the label "tub bases".
So in the future if you want to see all the options available to create a tub base just
click on the "tub bases" label.

image via: unknown

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