Quirky pink wallpapers that make your guests do a double take

Remember Robin Williams movie The Cage aux Folles? Remember those Kama sutra-esque patterns on their soup bowls? Well these wallpapers make me think of
those dishes - taking a traditional pattern and turning it on it's head.

I think any of these wall covering would add a touch of fun to a
guest bath or powder room that
visitors use.

modern yoga wallpaper poses light pink

wallpaper book collections yip yip yeah horses and guns magenta grey color

pink flamingos pastel pink light taupe on white


Boudoir Ladies Deep Pink Version 2 by Mark Mothersbaugh

carpe noctem whimsical toile de joi hot pink and silver stripes

lucy large crocodile wallpaper fuschia-pink

surreal woman wallpaper wallcovering

Can you believe the next gorgeous wallpaper design is orange and yellow and
pink snakes?! Yes, snakes! Who knew they could look so chic.
Wish I could zoom in on the photo to show you, but the site didn't offer that option.

Designer artist series Mark Motherbaugh devo Anitas snakes

Designer artist series Mark Motherbaugh devo seba snakes on melon
custom wallpaper collections thug stripe pink scallop background with black guns

swirl girl wallcovering custom colors and scale pink purple

Would you go for any of these wallpapers?

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