Putting pedestal sinks on a pedestal

At first glance, all white pedestal sinks look alike, but look closely at
the pedestal sinks in these photos, they are all slightly different from
each other. I think this first one is beautiful.

I really love the silver bathroom bellow. I am crazy about that blue pattern
floor! I think the grey/silver penny tiles give this small bathroom
a modern feel and make the room very inviting.

You can never go wrong with the white subway tile and
pedestal sink combo, these two were made for
each other! 

This bathroom feels very fresh and the little
vase of flowers is the perfect pop of colour.

Don't you love this quirky cool pink wallpaper?! Look closely at it,
at first it looks all pretty and feminine till you notice that
there are fire hydrants in the pattern. What a cheeky,
sneaky designer.

Pedestal sinks work great in small bathrooms where
you want to give the feeling of more space. The only
real drawback is no place to stash all the extra
bars of soap, cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

images via: designers' block ukcountry living, everything fabulous, elle decor. rue. house to home, kohler, brabourne farm, coastal living, coastal living, unknown, kohler, creamy life


Unknown said...

You can never go past a fantastic bathroom design, well I cant anyway and I would be happy to have any of the above designs in my house (I Loved the bathroom with the towels that were numbered, be great for big families!)

Anna xo


Mary said...

I love all those photos .good inspiration ! see decoration ideas and some inspiration of mine at

XOXO, Mary.

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

the black and white one is my fave. thanks for stopping by my blog! have a lovely day, darling! xo

mikky said...

Hi Ladies!

Thanks Anna, Peony and Caroline for the comments, it`s great to hear what you think.

Caroline, I love the fashion photos on your blog, great style!

Anna, yeah I think the numbered towels are great too! They are my fav part of that bathroom.

Anna & Peony, I`m going to check out your blogs too.

Thanks again for stopping by.