Gorgeous yellow bathroom with great art

When we were shopping to buy our house, we visited a home owned by a
man who had a really impressive art collection. Walking thru his house was
magical, everywhere you looked were statues and unique sculptures and
intriguing paintings. I felt like we had uncovered a vault of lost treasures.
We didn't end up buying the house, but I could imagine the owner moving into a
new place and creating a Roman inspired bathroom that looks like this.
I just love the details in this bathroom, it is so vibrant and alive.

Ok, the next picture makes the bathroom look a teeny bit crowded, but
am sure that it is just the photo.

I love the idea of having a separate room for the toilet.
These beautiful bright yellow walls would wake me up right away in the morning!

Isn't this yellow tufted door divine?

If only I had room for a seperate toilet area in my bathroom I would so do this:

images via: raymond goins


Anonymous said...

so gorgeous!!! love the pops of yellow!!


mikky said...

me too! thanks for stopping by!