Decorating bathroom walls with mucho mirrors

Not sure what your best angle is?

Well, with this many mirrors on the wall you are sure to figure it out soon and
you will never look bad in another Christmas party photo or
leave the house with broccoli stuck between your teeth ever again .

same photo as the first one, but shot from a different angle:

Isn't this next wall interesting? I love the eclectic look of multiple mirrors, hanging favorite jewellery on the walls and mixing in interesting art, unusual finds and collections.
This looks like the washroom of someone with alot of stories to tell.

Build a collection of mirrors you love, maybe throw in some cool photos, painting
or jewellery and you've suddenly spruced up your walls and emptied out
your closets all in one shot.

images via: french by design, everything leb, a brooklyn limestone in progress, living agency, house to home, paper treasure, unknown


dogs health pedia said...

very nice post

mikky said...

Thanks "dogs health pedia" for the sweet comment :)

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Oh wow - those first 3 pictures are fabulous!! I love this blog because it's hard to find inspiration for a bathroom, so this is perfect! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I appreciate it :)

mikky said...

Thanks Lindsay, so sweet of you to stop by!