Vintage pink bathrooms

When was the last time someone you know renovated their washroom and
purchased a toilet, sink or tub that was a different colour than white?

I am willing to bet that if you go into all if not most of your family and friends
homes, chances are their tub & toilet are white, maybe they have a
glass or unique sink, but most are still white. And if their washroom
"furniture" isn`t white, they are probably saving up to renovate.

I too go for white toilets and sinks and tubs because they are
timeless. I can change the colour scheme with a splash of
paint and different accessories. Plus, I feel there is less of
a risk of the bathroom looking dated after a few years. Well back in
the 1950's the colour to have was pink.

I wonder if we will ever have a period in time where
white is not
the colour to buy for our washroom furniture.

Did you know that this pink is named after someone pretty famous.
I am going to do a post on her next week, so stay tuned!

So would you ever buy a toilet, tub and sink in a different colour?
What colours would you choose?

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October (& on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms, please check it out.)

As usual, sorry for the photos crashing into my side column. If you know of a solution, please email me at: Thanks!

Don't you find these washroom look so fun and full of life?

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