Pretty pink plush vanity perfect for the pampered princess' picture perfect posh palace

Try saying that title 5 times fast. Remember the Peter Piper nursery rhyme?

Well, if Peter Piper picked the perfect person to be his partner, no
doubt he would purchase this piece of pink perfection for a present no matter what the price.

This vanity also comes is a variety of colours, find it here (be sure to scroll down the page a bit, because when you first get there the page is blank, the vanities are in the middle of the page so you might at first think there is nothing there)

I think it's over the top glamorous - check out the cutie gold feet in the first and second photos. It would be perfect in a girly girl bathroom. I can just see the owner covering
the top of it with gilded makeup trays, bottles of perfume like Coco Chanel,
and a vase of perfectly petite pink roses.

Thanks for reading my little pink post!

ps. if I've got you trying to remember the Peter Piper nursery rhyme, you
can find it here. Can you believe it was published in 1813!

pps. if you want to read the rest of the Peter Piper silly vanity story click here:

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October and on October 9th I'll feature a collection of pink bathrooms.

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