Pink bathrooms galore!

As promised, here's a collection of pink bathrooms to celebrate
Breast Cancer Awareness day.

I'll keep my intro super short as I'm sure you want to
get right to all the pretty pinks.

So here's a selection of pink bathrooms, from the softest almost
white to hot hot pink. After putting this together I really want to paint at least
one wall in my house pink. If your guy huffs and puffs at the idea of
pink walls, show him these photos he'll see that he won't lose
his manhood by having a pink bathroom!

Be sure to check out the second to last photo, it is a pink Queen's dream
bathroom. You're probably saying, doesn't she mean pink princess dream
bathroom? Nope, I think this bathroom is so luxurious it is fit for a Queen!

Ok, so much for my super short intro! Here ya go:

and finally, probably the most beloved pink painted bathroom around...

this one from Domino magazine:

ps. sorry about some of the photos crashing into the side column, I haven't found a fix to widen my center column yet. If you know how to fix it please email me at , thanks!

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October.

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