Mix matched vanity mirrors is it a do or a don't?

Mixing and matching mirrors adds a lot of personality to the washroom.

I think it would be fun to have "his" and "hers" mirrors. Or to have
the mirrors reflect the personalities of the main users. In a master
bathroom one mirror could be more masculine and the other very
feminine. Same applies for kids bathrooms, have each mirror reflect
the personality of your kids. Or why not make mirrors out of large
wooden cutouts of their first initials and inlay them with mirror.

To tie the mirrors together it's a good idea to choose two
mirrors that have something in common. This can be anything from
the paint colour of the frame, its thickness or material the frame is
made out of to the bevel of the mirror.

Another simple idea is to hang both mirrors by thick ribbons of the same colour.

There are so many options so get creative!

Time for a test! Get your pencils out...

Now that you've seen a bunch of mix matched mirrors,
what do you prefer, having two identical mirrors or two different mirrors?

I found 2 photos with very similar set ups, which mirror look do
you like better  Photo A or Photo B?

Photo A

Photo B

So which is it - A or B?

(If you decide to mix match your mirrors, please send me photos, I'd
love to see them. Here's my email address: mikky@todaloos.com)

images via: house & home , this is glamorous. country living , absolutely beautiful things, marie claire maison , apartment therapy , hgtv


Erika said...

I love the B mirrors!


mikky said...

Me too! Thanks for stopping by:)