Just a touch of pink goes a long way

I don't know what it is about this washroom that makes me
think that if I looked out the window I would find myself
gazing down at palm trees and smelling the sweet smell of
the ocean.  I wish I knew where this washroom is located. I
like to think it is in Jamaica. Silly, I know. I even leaned
in closer to the photo to see if I could make out what's
outside the window. There's a shadow there, but
I can't tell what it is.

So what exactly is it about this washroom that is making me dream
of Jamaica? Sure, I could use a vacation and I do love Jamaica,
and yeah, there
are pineapples, exotic plants and tropical birds all over
the wallpaper, but it's more then that. There are plenty of
washrooms with tropical themed wallpaper and they don't have
me longing for a Pina Colada.

I think it's a combination of the sugar cane bookshelf, the
texture of the gold mirror frame that makes it look like it could be
made out of shells, the flickering
candle light wall sconces, the gold goblet
and black framed window, all combined to create the fantasy of Pirates and
doubloons. Or perhaps I have watched Pirates of
the Caribbean one to many times.

The fact that the window treatment is a perfect match
to the wallpaper helps to create the
feeling of this room.  
Take a moment to imagine the window draped in long heavy
drapes or a solid blue blind, see how the room loses that
tropical feel and becomes more Victorian.

 The white marble sink backsplash really elevates the look
of this room. It would not feel half as luxurious if the marble began
 the top of the washstand and the wall behind the sink were
wallpapered. It's a great idea to keep in mind. (note, you also wouldn't
to put wallpaper so close to the plumbing as if there is condensation on the
pipes, the wallpaper would eventually start to peel) I did a post on
washstands before and this is the first time I see the marble cut like this. Usually
the marble is
continued over the bottom half of the entire wall, not just
where the washstand is.
I'm going to have to go thru my remaining
washstand photos to see if
anyone else has done something similar.

The piece de resistance has to be the pink lamp.
The shade of pink is particularly attractive, bordering on
fushia. I just love the unique shape. Is it just me, or
does it remind you too of billowing sails?

The only thing I don't get in this well thought out bathroom is the
floor mat. I don't think it goes at all. Maybe that's the point.
What do you think?

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For Breast Cancer Awareness month, todaloos.com will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October and on October 9th I'll feature a collection of pink bathrooms.

image via: coco + kelly

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