The genius in the mock neck has left the building

Steve Jobs was one of those people you always hoped to meet,
knowing that you probably never would. At least it was nice to
know he was around. My heart sunk a bit when he announced he
was stepping down from his position. I had hoped to not hear his
in the news for a long, long, long time.

To think of all the wonderful ideas, inventions, down right cool
ads and sheer elegant presentations we will never get to experience.
WE have lost an immeasurable force today. This is no exaggeration.
It is an insanely great loss.

My husband had called me on my iPhone to tell me the sad news.
Like the greats; Elvis Presley, Princess Di, Michael Jackson, we
will always be saying "where were you when you heard the news?"
I was txting on my iPhone. I guess nothing could be more appropriate.

In commemoration of Steve Jobs I think Apple should put a black band
around a limited edition of their white iPhones and donate some proceeds
to Pancreatic Cancer research so that we don't have to lose another genius at
such a young age. 56, far too young to die, to much left to do.

Thank you Steve Jobs, you will always be the apple of our eye.

My condolences go out to his family, friends and work family.

When you need inspiration, check out the amazing commencement address he did here.

I know this post is completely out of left field, but this is too sad a moment not to post about.

Be like Steve. Live out your dreams. (threw in a little serif typing for you Steve)

We love you Steve Jobs. You left us too soon.

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