Creating silly stories around Kohler ads - volume 2

Since none of his old cronies had stopped by for a visit today he
had been forced to drink the entire bottle of whiskey by himself so
that he could build his greatest masterpiece, toilet ship in a bottle. But
suddenly he really needed to go, with his peg leg he knew he wouldn't make
it up the stairs in time. What to do? Smash the bottle and have a seat OR
could he just pee back into the bottle and add a few drops of blue dye to
give it the look of the green seas he sailed in his youth. He didn't have
much time left to decide, he knew he had to come to a decision quickly, but
his dilemma still remained - If he pees back into the bottle would people be
able to smell it? If he smashed the bottle would he be able to find
another big bottle at his next dumpster dive? He was relying on this
exhibit to fund his next trip on the Carnival Cruise line. He could just
taste the shrimp at the all you can eat seafood buffet and then there
 were all the lovely ladies he would get to dance YMCA with, oh
how he loved that many fond memories of dancing it with the
other sailors back in the glory days. He could not risk having a failed
exhibit. He stood there hoping for a sign of what to do...

I just love this Kohler ad by Mark Holthusen. The story just popped into my
head when looking at it. Love those crazy Kohler ads!

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