Celebrity bathrooms: Kirstie Alley's candy colored rooms

Kirstie Alley's bathrooms from her Maine Estate are the perfect selection of
fluffy candy pinks to add to this month's pink posts. She just recently put her place up
for sale. So if  you love frosty treats, live for pastels and have an extra
$2,350,000 lying around, her cottage in Islesboro Maine could be yours! 

These bathrooms get me hungry for tasty pink cupcakes with a side order of extra frosting.

I think it would be impossible to be in a bad
mood surrounded by all this sweetness.

I just love seeing inside celeb's bathrooms, it gives us a
fun peek into their personalities.

Kirstie Alley's washrooms are super original and oozing
with sweetness. I hope she sells her place fast so she
can pay for all the cavities I'm going to need
filled because of her bathrooms!

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, todaloos.com will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October (psst...on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms.)

images via:hollywood gossip to go , aol real estate , trulia

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