Barbie's bathroom

As a kid I loved Barbie, even had a pink bathroom for her.
So when I spotted this updated pink Barbie
bathroom I
couldn't help but get excited.

For Barbie's 50th anniversary, Jonathan Adler designed Barbie's Malibu Dream
House. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the bathrooms; because if anyone is
going to have a gorgeous girly pink bathroom it's going to be Barbie. I mean
the girl needs a chic bathroom to freshen up after her zillion and one
careers; she's a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, you name it that doll is
busy;) She needs a good bubble bath now and then. She's even got her
own line of bubble baths so for sure she would have one luxurious tub
to lounge in. Unfortunately, no such luck. 

The closest I found was this vanity setup in her bedroom.
Got to love the pink tint to that mirror.

However, I did find some cool pics of her store.
Check out the public washroom at the Barbie Shanghai Store.

Such a fun bathroom. It looks like they used Sicis mosaic tiles.

Here's some more photos from the shop, that could be
used as inspiration
to decorate a pink bathroom.

For the Barbie enthusiast, a wall like this in your washroom would be so cool:

A few inspirations for your vanity and makeup counters:

Ahh wouldn't it be nice to have 3 girls waiting to do your makeup and hair in the morning.

I think these walls are great and would be fun for a girl's bathroom:

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For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October (psst...on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms.)

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images via: google, Jonathan Adler slade arch

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