So you're renting and you have the world's ugliest washroom, your vanity is so ugly you want to cry, but you can't change it. What do you do? Go out and buy yourself a skirt.

I wish I had taken a picture of the washroom in our first apartment.
It was so old and ugly, no amount of scrubbing could get those tiles to
sparkle and the vanity was your typical white melamine with wood trim at
the top. We were always buying colourful towels and shower curtains to dress up
our bathroom, but that vanity always stood out like a sour thumb. It's too
bad I never thought about covering up the vanity with a skirt.

Bellow is a variety of vanity skirt styles; from pleated to panels to fancy trim,
and ranging in style from elegant to country. I think the skirts really set
the tone and steal the show in these washrooms.

However, the skirt doesn't need to be complicated to look good. If I
were to make a vanity skirt today, I would buy some velcro at the
dollar store, the type with the adhesive back (at the fabric store they sell the
velcro you have to sew on, but at the dollar store they sell packs of velcro
that has a gluey tape on the back - I bought this to velcro on some liners in our
kitchen closets and it worked amazing). Next, I'd go to decor stores and
look for pretty tea or dish towels, table runners, table
clothes, material place mats, pillowcases, anything that is longer then the length of the vanity
and has a presewn edge. I'd even be tempted to look at actual skirts and see
if I could cut them open to use as a vanity skirt. Then all that's left to do is to cut the top edge, apply the velcro and attach it underneath the counter top. Et voila you have a custom, unique vanity skirt.

Of course you could also just pick up some beautiful fabric or lace and have
a tailor sew all the edges. This wouldn't be that expensive either.

Also, if you decide to cover your vanity with a skirt, remove the doors of your vanity and store
them in your apartment locker. It will be easier to access your stuff that way.

This silvery grey skirt is so pretty I'd love to wear it! Looking at this skirt
just gave me the idea that it could be cute to make a shorter vanity skirt and
add a colourful or white crinoline peaking out from underneath. What a cute girly touch that could be. So many possibilities, now I am actually missing that little bathroom we had!

To copy the above design you could cheat by buying some ribbon and borrowing
your crafty neighbour's glue gun. You could also glue ribbon on to cover up unfinished
edges or to create your own monogram. Watch out Martha Stewart!

If your vanity is wearing a skirt, please send me photos!
Email them to me at

ps. depending on how many doors your vanity has, you might want to add slits to the skirt or create separate panels so it's easier to access your stuff. If you do this, overlay the fabric a little and add some velcro to close the slits. You might also want to add some weights to the bottom of the fabric so that it hangs nicely (you can use fishing weights that they sell at Walmart). Just a few more ideas that I thought might be helpful.

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If I owned a vineyard I'd set up my tub like this

What a view. This is the type of view that calls for a
chilled glass of wine and a cheese platter.
Looking at this photo makes me want to
rent the movie French Kiss staring Meg Ryan.

Have a great weekend.

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Want to look younger and prettier? Buy this colour paint

Soft pink walls can make you look more beautiful.

Light pink walls are not only pretty, but the soft pink also
gives a nice warm glow to your skin. So if you
think you look awful and tired in the morning, pink walls
might just be the perk me up you need.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, is doing a pink post every day for the month of October (psst...on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms.)

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Spooky soaps for Halloween

Halloween is only 10 days away!!!

I have always loved dressing up for Halloween. I think it's fun to
spook up your washroom too, especially if there are kids around.

Here's a selection of creepy, cute and scary soaps from Etsy.
(I've include links for each soap incase you want to get some)


Celebrities in tubs: Whoopi Goldberg

Did you ever wonder what it takes to get some Whoopi in the tub?

Well, start with a famous photographer: Annie Leibovitz,
then add gallons and gallons of milk and finally
beg one of the funniest actresses/View ladies around to jump on in.

image via: Vanity Fair

Pink wallpapers

Sneak one by your hubby tonight...

Slap up some pretty pink wallpaper in your washroom while
your man is snoring away, and see if he notices tomorrow morning
when he goes to use the bathroom.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October (psst...on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms.)
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Bathroom checkered chess floors

No matter how many decorating books you go thru chances are
sooner or later you will come across a black and white checkered
floor. They've been popular since the times of the knights of the round
table and continue to be today. You can tile your bathroom with an
inexpensive version in basic black and white tiles or go
expensive with marble or granite tiles.

And now for some mini check tiles:

Are you a fan of the chess floor look?

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Barbie's bathroom

As a kid I loved Barbie, even had a pink bathroom for her.
So when I spotted this updated pink Barbie
bathroom I
couldn't help but get excited.

For Barbie's 50th anniversary, Jonathan Adler designed Barbie's Malibu Dream
House. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the bathrooms; because if anyone is
going to have a gorgeous girly pink bathroom it's going to be Barbie. I mean
the girl needs a chic bathroom to freshen up after her zillion and one
careers; she's a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, you name it that doll is
busy;) She needs a good bubble bath now and then. She's even got her
own line of bubble baths so for sure she would have one luxurious tub
to lounge in. Unfortunately, no such luck. 

The closest I found was this vanity setup in her bedroom.
Got to love the pink tint to that mirror.

However, I did find some cool pics of her store.
Check out the public washroom at the Barbie Shanghai Store.

Such a fun bathroom. It looks like they used Sicis mosaic tiles.

Here's some more photos from the shop, that could be
used as inspiration
to decorate a pink bathroom.

For the Barbie enthusiast, a wall like this in your washroom would be so cool:

A few inspirations for your vanity and makeup counters:

Ahh wouldn't it be nice to have 3 girls waiting to do your makeup and hair in the morning.

I think these walls are great and would be fun for a girl's bathroom:

ps. from the previous post, a sweet reader emailed me to say that they couldn't write comments because they didn't have a google account, so I have updated my comments settings to accept all commenters now. Thanks for letting me know Tutsers.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be doing a pink post every day for the month of October (psst...on October 9th I featured a huge collection of pink bathrooms.)

Sorry, my photos are still crashing into the sidebar! Hope to fix that very soon.

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