Oh what a ceiling! Lionel Richie would be dancing on these ceilings

The most overlooked and forgotten decorative surface has to be
the ceiling. For years designers told us to keep the ceiling white or
a light colour so that the room doesn't feel claustrophobic. What they didn't
say was that adding something visually striking to the ceiling can create a huge
Wow factor. I can't think of a better place  (except maybe a baby's nursery) to get
creative with your ceiling. Not only is it one of your smaller rooms, which will be
easier to do (and undo if you hate it) but lets face it, this is the room where you will
most likely be sitting staring at the ceiling for long periods of time.

For those days when you've eaten one too many bad barritos or for the
evenings you need to lay back in the bath and wash away the day, you will enjoy
your ceiling. Plus all your guests will think you are such a fab decorator because
so few people do it.

I love, love, love this ceiling. It would look stunning in a girly washroom, a powder room or an all white or all beige washroom. How to do? Buy your favorite wallpaper and get unrolling!

 Scrabble fanatic? I think this one would be great in a children's bathroom. You could also be inspired by this idea and paint your kids favorite board game or video game on the ceiling. How cool would Angry Bird look on the ceiling?! 

Or you could do something completely different and have a
decorative metal grate like this one.

Is this not the ultimate ceiling?!

Personnally, I love this one. You could make something similar out of
wood, paint it and attach it to your ceiling. I'd make it in sections so it would be easier to mount and change the lightbulbs underneath.

This would look gorgeous in an Asian inspired washroom.

This post wouldn't be complete without a striped ceiling! 

Want to make a statement but prefer to keep it simple? Do what these guys did: if you don't have beautiful crown molding (the design on the ceiling), swing by your local hardware store, pick some up, slap it on and paint the ceiling your favorite shade of pink.

And finally, here's two of my favorites. It's for the sloppy painters in all of us!

Some people hate this, I think it's brilliant.
What do you think?

If you've done something cool with your ceiling, send me some pics!
Email them to me at:  mikky@todaloos.com

ps. If you are going to go wild with your ceiling it is best to keep your floor tiles and rugs more neutral so that you don't overwhelm the eye.

images via: parker torres design, jha, unknown, coastalliving, unknown, tumblr, unknown, athaliasovieinterior design magazinevastudc , bellemaison23 , housetohome , livingetc

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