October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

In honour of this month being Breast Cancer awareness month, every
day I am going to post something pink. On October 9th, the official date for
Breast Cancer awareness, I will do my
colour bathroom series post where I
feature bathrooms of a specific colour and will be featuring all pink
bathrooms. I hope that one day we will no longer need to wear pink ribbons.

To all the women and men who have fought or are battling with breast cancer, I send
you my love, wishes for a full and speedy recovery and my encouragement.

To those who will be donating to the cause, to ensure that the maximum
amount of your dollars spent on pink breast cancer products goes to
help cure breast cancer, I encourage you to read this article from
Marie Claire magazine's October issue (page 155 -160) regarding
companies that collect money on behalf of the cause. At the bottom of this
post I have included the list of organizations they recommend you
donate to. Please contribute if you can.

To fellow bloggers, please join the party and  post in pink on October 9th! If you
plan to let me know (post a comment or email me at: mikky@todaloos.com) and
I'll add a link to your page in my post.

Now on with the PINK!

Where you should donate:

per Marie Claire Magazine: "These well-regarded breast cancer
organizations spend most of their funds on research and treatment:

So you can go right there, I've attached the links directly to their sites:

Visit marieclaire.com/breastcancer "for more information
on how to give - and questions every donor should ask."

images via: pink wallpaper design , house of anais , pink is a religion

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