Missoni for Target does the bathroom up right

Here are my top picks to turn your washroom into a smashing Missoni masterpiece! 

(Just in case you love something and want to check if it's available, to save you from searching around I've included links to their product pages.) 

I LOVE this hand towel. It would look soooooo good in our washroom: 

Missoni® for Target® Passione Chevron Hand Towel

Missoni® for Target® Via Chevron Hand Towel

Missoni® for Target® Passione Floral Bath Towel

Any of these makeup cases could come live with me!

Missoni Passione Cosmetic Box


Missoni Colore Cosmetic Valet

And look at the inside of the case... so pretty! 

Missoni Passione Train Case

Missoni Colore Medium Purse Kit inside

My toes would be very happy landing on this rug:


Missoni® for Target® Passione Floral Bath Rug (24x40")

To wipe out any nasty smells in the washroom, I'd get some of these candles: 


Missoni for Target® Jar Candle


Missoni for Target® Jar Candle - Colore

Missoni for Target® Jar Candle - Black

The only thing I wasn't too crazy about were the shower curtains.

Surprisingly, they didn't have any soap dishes, soap dispensers or
toothbrush holders. So I decided to go into the kitchen section to see if
I could find something to use. I found a few items that I think would
work great in the bathroom.

Take a look:

This could be a chic way to store spare toilet paper rolls, or roll up
little hand towels and keep it by the sink:

Missoni Glass Serve Bowl 10.5"

Mmmm...those cupcakes look yummy, I'd have to eat them to
make room for my lotions and potions

Missoni Melamine Tiered Server

I'd display my perfumes on this platter:

Missoni Platter w/Chevron


There are a few options to hold jewellery:

Missoni App Plate Asst s/4

Time to eat the macarones!

These little appetizer dishes could be used as a soap dish or
to put jewellery on. And since they come in a set of 4, you could
change up the look of your bathroom every few weeks.

There`s a whole bunch of different plates and bowls of
various sizes and designs. Here are two I like:

Salad Plate Missoni Passione

Missoni Colore Cereal Bowl 

But what about our poor little toothbrushes! Where can
we put them? This is what I think we can do:

If I was going ultra glam I'd use these:

Missoni Stripe Puzzle Tray s/3

I'd put the toothpaste on one, our toothbrushes on
the other and the third one could be the soap dish.

A mug would work too. That way you can guarantee no one is
going to steal it off your desk to sell on ebay!

I like this one:

Missoni Chevron Round Decal Mug

Or you could use a glass. They have a big selection. I think this
tumbler would probably be the right height:

Tumbler Missoni Passione Small

I just wish everything wasn't sold out! Since the sale period goes
till mid October I`m hoping they restock.

Since there is no Target in my area yet, I went online to buy a few
items and everything was out of stock.
I was going to go on a
road trip to the nearest store; which would have taken a few hours, luckily I got
too bogged down with work to go. I've been reading that people have lined up early and
they still don't get to buy
anything because the first ones in are
grabbing everything and then selling it for triple online. What meanies!
Hope you guys have had better luck.
Let me know what you got.

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