Light fixtures that add the Ooola la to a washroom

I was looking at the photo in the last post you know what
I love? Well, all of it but,what is great is they didn't go blah on the
lighting. They didn't say ah we have made a killer washroom any lamp would look
fabulous in here. They didn't hang a typical washroom style light fixture.The lamp in the photo is gorgeous and intriguing and just elevated the design of the room even higher, if that's possible. So I felt inspired to do this post on washroom lighting.  I have yet to
drool over a standard washroom light fixture. How I would love to design washroom light fixtures, I guarantee they would not be boring!

I love unique lamps so please, please if you are renovating your washroom do something different with your lighting. Here's 19 washrooms who's light fixtures stoled the spotlight.

If your washroom lighting is unique or there's a look you love,
send me photos. I'd love to see & I'll post them for everyone to drool over too.

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