Have you seen the sofa? Yeah, I put it in the washroom. What?!

Pieces of furniture usually found in the living room or bedroom are
sneaking their way into the washroom. 
This is a trend I am loving. Ok, it may not be
practical or feesible for most of us to decorate our washrooms with lounge chairs and loveseats, but let these photos inspire you to think outside the box when
decorating your washroom.

I really like the peach shade they painted these walls:

Look how the tiles continue part way up the wall in the photo bellow. It's a nice idea.

So chic. Love the fur rug and the screen.

I'd like to open the jars on the fireplace to smell all the different bath salts.

PS. As you can see, I still have the problem with the photos spilling over into my side columns. Sorry, I haven't had time to look into it lately. If you know a solution, please email me at: mikky@todaloos.com Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that little pink stool - do you know where I could get it?

mikky said...

Hi Laura,
Unfortunately I don`t know where you can get that little pink stool. However, can you check back in these comments in a few days, cause I am going to look around to see where the lady`s who`s bathroom this is is (her house was up for sale for a bit so maybe you can buy the stool from her). At the time I did this post I took the photo off of a different site, the one listed in my images source and have since seen the blog of the lady who`s bathroom this is, now I just have to remember what it is called, even remember looking at it last week, so please give me a few days to track it down for you. I tried to click on your name, but there is no link to email address or anything. If you want you can comment again leaving your email address or you can email me your email address mikky@todaloos.com and I can email you once I find the lady's blog. This way you don't have to keep checking back here. Ok, cross your fingers that I can find it! Either way I will post the answer in the comments and email you too if you leave me your email address that is. Thanks for commenting btw!

mikky said...

Hi Laura,

I found her!

The stool is in the personal bathroom of Brooke Giannetti, she is a Calfornia-based interior decorator, shop owner, and very popular blogger.

Her blog is called Velvet & Linen and here is the link to it:

And here is her email address: bgiannetti@mac.com

She also has an online shop, I looked in it, but I didn`t see the stool, however here is the contact info for the shop:
11980 San Vicente Los Angeles 90049 310.820.1329 Giannetti@mac.com

If I were you I`d contact Brooke directly at the first email address I put, this one:

I`ll leave it up to you to contact her directly about the stool, so that you can decide if you still want to or not. It is a fantastic stool thought!

Have a nice day. And Laura, if you put the stool in your bathroom or love your bathroom, send me photos and we`ll do a post on your bathroom if you want.


mikky said...

Oh yeah, I`ve also updated the image via to reflect that the photo is originally from Velvet & Linen, for those who look at the image via and see that it is the same name as the one I give in the comments.