Designer spotlight: David Kleinberg of David Kleinberg Design Associates

It's all because of a book cover that I discovered this designer. This book cover:

Isn't that fireplace spectacular!

I got so excited when I saw this cover that I stopped working on
the post I was doing and did
a search to find out more about
Mr.David Kleinberg. Googling
him I discovered that he shares his name with
a lawyer and
an older comedian. Checking out his portfolio I have to
say that his work holds up to that cover.

Here are the fabulous bathroom photos from his portfolio..

Ok, I am breaking my own rules here...

I just can't resist, I have to
include some non-bathroom photos from his portfolio.

Check out the light fixture in the next photo, isn't it crazy amazing!

 This is my kinda kitchen

Oh, and they design their own rugs. I thought this one was pretty:

You can check out the rest of his portfolio here.

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