Clawfoot tubs, do they belong in the past?

I always thought "why would anyone buy a clawfoot tub?"
I mean there are so many beautiful modern tubs who would
want to buy one when there are much sleaker & sexier options.
My image of the clawfoot tub is an old scratched up, rusty tub. Sure it
can look cool in some photos but to put one in a new washroom or
renovation project? No thanks. Then I started to
look around, and now I'm thinking twice about it.
Take a look:

this little tub looks like he has been declawed

the owner of this one likes to splash around so much they
had to tile the ceiling ;)

this one likes to place chess on his floor while he's
bathing, hence the guest chair

this one is fed bonbons and read to while bathing the afternoon away

the little mermaid owns this one

I'm starting to think it's illegal not to have a chic chair next to this tub

So given the choice, if you were remodeling your bathroom would you
go for a clawfoot tub?

btw, does anyone know how to fix my blog padding (see how the first photo is spilling into the column) I have been looking for a solution for over a month but nothing I have tried has worked. If you know how to fix it please email me: Thanks!


Miss Molly said...

ahh..these are awesome. loving those ball and claw baths!!

mikky said...

Thanks for the comment Miss Molly! My fav is the first one. :)