Blue washrooms: Celebrating my favorite colour!

As blue is my favourite colour and since it is also the official colour for Wednesday, I figured there couldn`t be a better time to do a post on blue washrooms. Some fun facts about the colour blue:
-        back in the 1900`s blue was the colour for girls and pink was the colour for boys
-        blue is the most gender neutral colour meaning, that men and women both like the colour
-        it is considered to be a calming and relaxing colour
-        if you have trouble sleeping or have nightmares they say that you should surround yourself  with the colour blue – slip on some blue pjs and dress your bed in blue sheets
-        the colour blue invokes rest
-        the negative: using too much blue and some shades of blue may come across as cold or uncaring
It is also said that blue aids in intuition. So if looking at pictures of these blue bathrooms makes you want to rush out and add some touches of blue to your washroom,
go for it!

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