Angelina Jolie naked in a bathtub

For some reason I just couldn't come up with a better title than that.


I know what you're thinking, I thought the same thing... Who takes a bath without bubbles?

Do you see the missed business opportunity here?

After Angie stepped out of the tub (I figure it is ok to call her Angie now that
we've seen her naked and all) Annie Leibovitz could have bottled the water and sold it for
big bucks. Heck, if Trump can sell bottled water imagine how much naked
Angie water would sell for and it's a limited supply! I knew those economics
classes would come in handy one day.

To turn photos into posters click here  (yeah, I know it's for some
other photo you have) I wish I had an affiliate link right about now. I'd be
loaded from this picture. I'd be saying "someone find
me a realtor, I'm going to buy me an island".

Ps. To Mr.Trump, Annie & Angie, I'd love to post actual photos of your bathrooms. I'm sure they are spectacular. If you are up for it, please email me at Oh, and Mr.Trump, if you want you can send me a photo of you in the tub and I'll post it too.

I must apologize for Angie's little bum getting covered up by my side column. I haven't had the time to look for a solution to fix my post padding problem. If you want to help Angie moon everyone who looks at this post and you know how to fix my padding problem, please email me at Thanks!

image via: vanity fair

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JustPatience said...

Love me some Angie...

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