7 flirty fun shower curtains

What's the best way to spruce up a tired old washroom?

Switch up your shower curtain. 
(I guess I would make an awful teacher 'cause the answer is right there in the title!) 

I've pulled together 7 pretty ones that will
add a splash of colour, a hint of fun and won't
bust the bank.

available here
For all those chickies who wanted to buy some Missoni at
Target, but couldn't get their hands on any, here's a Missoni-esque shower curtain:

available here

It's really rare you find a nice red shower curtain.
This one covered in Peonies, the flower of this summer, is super elegant.
available here

Here's a cheaper version of the gorgeous Anthropologie ruffle curtains:

available here

And I can't make a flirty list without including some animal print! Love this purple one.

And since we're heading into fall, these two shower curtains will keep the
summer alive with their big bursts of colourful flowers

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