6 chevron patterns to point your washroom floors in the right direction

Everywhere I looked this summer I saw the chevron pattern. Be it on throw pillows,
makeup cases, fancy pencils, rugs, dishes, towels, sheets, trays, you name it, it came
in chevron. So, lets take a look at this fantastic V pattern on washroom floors.

Love that they used 3 different tile patterns in here –
the chevron floor pattern and then completely different patterns for the
border and for the tub backsplash. Mmm... and look at that amazing lamp.

The floor is amazing, but what’s also cool is how they changed the
wall colour ¾ up the wall. Very unique idea.

This washroom looks so relaxing

A couch in the bathroom is the ultimate indulgence. Ok, not all of us can fit one in our washrooms. I’d have to hang it from the ceiling to fit it in mine, but we can still dream of having enough space to add one one day. Stay tuned later next week I’ll be featuring washrooms with couches in them, they are so gorgeous, can’t wait to show you.

All the other chevron floors are very elegant looking. This one is big on personality. It is just so fun. I like the black vanity, but I would have loved it if they had taken the fun one step further and gone with a different colour vanity.  What do you think? Any colour from the floor would have looked great, I’m leaning towards a yellow (not as bright as the tile, though!) or
a Tiffany blue one with a white Caesarstone countertop. I also think the room would feel a
lot bigger with a white or different coloured vanity. What colour would you have chosen?

Ok, the next photo is of a kitchen floor, but wouldn’t this
floor look amazing in a long rectangular bathroom?

As one of the hot patterns of the year, do you think it is worth
investing in a chevron floor like these? Or will it look dated in a
few years? I think it is a classic and will stand the test of time. And you?

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