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She's got legs...skinny silver legs...and she knows how to use them

I've always just called these vanities or the bathroom sink with metal legs, but the proper name for them is washstands or basin sinks. I think these washstands are incredibly elegant. They are so beautiful in their simplicity. However, I can't resist the urge to accessorize them!

In all the photos I've seen of these foxy legged beauties, the only thing I have ever
seen hanging from them is towels. I think that is very boring.
Where is the fun in that I say! I think it's high time we add fun and
fabulousness (is that even a word?) and more important
PERSONALITY to washrooms.

              I'd throw on some colourful bracelets, statement necklaces, anything sparkly, sequin scarves, etc... any pretty baubles that are hiding away in your drawers, wrap
one or two or a few creatively around the bars of these washstands.

Here's some samples of what I'd use:

I'd hang a cheeky ornament like this one:
(I was really looking for a sequin monkey to hang from the bars, but couldn't
find one, so this glittering croc will have to do for now!)

This snake bracelet would look incredible wrapped around the
top of one of the legs. And now you've got a perfect excuse to buy it,
"but honey, it's to
decorate the washroom!"

I'd hang a bunch of colourful statement necklaces like this one over one of the legs:

Or you can be like Coco Chanel and add strings of pearls

To give these vanities that punk bad ass vibe, I'd do like Aerosmith and tie this scarf on:

Or what would also be cute is to buy some ribbons or steal one
of your hubby's or boyfriend's ties (make sure it's one he no longer wants!) and
pin your dazzling brooches and hair clips to it and tie that tie to the crossbar.

For the holidays I'd add some crystal or  Xmas ornaments
strung on velvet ribbons, kinda like this (not as many thought!):

I think it would be fun to dress these ladies up, also it would be nice to get
to look at pretty jewels every day.

I have a bunch more photos, but I think it's too many for one post,
so I will do another post on these leggy vanities another time.
Waterworks has a nice selection of these washstands.
If you are interested, check them out here

Would you hang your fav jewels off these metal leg sinks?

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Designer spotlight: David Kleinberg of David Kleinberg Design Associates

It's all because of a book cover that I discovered this designer. This book cover:

Isn't that fireplace spectacular!

I got so excited when I saw this cover that I stopped working on
the post I was doing and did
a search to find out more about
Mr.David Kleinberg. Googling
him I discovered that he shares his name with
a lawyer and
an older comedian. Checking out his portfolio I have to
say that his work holds up to that cover.

Here are the fabulous bathroom photos from his portfolio..

Ok, I am breaking my own rules here...

I just can't resist, I have to
include some non-bathroom photos from his portfolio.

Check out the light fixture in the next photo, isn't it crazy amazing!

 This is my kinda kitchen

Oh, and they design their own rugs. I thought this one was pretty:

You can check out the rest of his portfolio here.

Wildly unique washrooms

The only thing similar between these washrooms is that they are
all fabulous in their
own way. I would be hard pressed to
choose which one is my favorite.

Which would you choose?

PS. sorry about the pics getting covered up by my side column. I still haven't had the time to look for a solution to fix it. :(

images via: lace&tea , apartment therapy , design manifest , automatism , house to design

7 flirty fun shower curtains

What's the best way to spruce up a tired old washroom?

Switch up your shower curtain. 
(I guess I would make an awful teacher 'cause the answer is right there in the title!) 

I've pulled together 7 pretty ones that will
add a splash of colour, a hint of fun and won't
bust the bank.

available here
For all those chickies who wanted to buy some Missoni at
Target, but couldn't get their hands on any, here's a Missoni-esque shower curtain:

available here

It's really rare you find a nice red shower curtain.
This one covered in Peonies, the flower of this summer, is super elegant.
available here

Here's a cheaper version of the gorgeous Anthropologie ruffle curtains:

available here

And I can't make a flirty list without including some animal print! Love this purple one.

And since we're heading into fall, these two shower curtains will keep the
summer alive with their big bursts of colourful flowers

These washrooms have gone to the dogs

find this adorable wallpaper here

find this adorable wallpaper here

I love the little dachshund soap. He and his friends are available here

this cutie pie doggie doorstopper is available here 

Such cutie pies!!

If you have cutie photos of your pets or tots in the bathroom please email them to me.

I would love to include them in my next cutie pies in washrooms post.

(you can email me here: mikky@todaloos.com)