Celebrity bathrooms - Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

Megan Mullally, hubby Nick Offerman and babies Willa & Elmo.

Now take a good look at Megan's powder room. Do you think she was
using her comedic chops in selecting this wallpaper?

The wallpaper is elegant and gorgeous, but when you think about it, it's the perfect washroom wallpaper theme for a comedian. "pea-cock" wallpaper in a washroom....
Cute wooden vase, looks like a giant bead.

Here's a tiny glimpse of their master bath:

It's simple and elegant. Now let's add a dash of colour by
stealing some decor from the dining room...

I'd take this print and hang it in the washroom. 2 side by side or
flip it horizontally, and hang one over the tub to
look like giant hypnotized monster eyes. Are you feeling it?

The lady has it all; a great sense of humor, kick ass career, a husband with dimples and an equally impressive career, cutie poodles, fab washrooms and she's inspirational.
Grab a piece of toilet paper and read her great quote:

"I didn't get "Will & Grace" until I was almost 40. Had I listened to everybody else who kept saying, 'Oh, there's too much competition, you'll never get an agent, you'll never get a part, 90 percent of actors are out of work," if I'd listened to that, if everybody listened to that, then nobody would leave the house and the world would come to a crashing halt."

You go girl!

images via: Instyle

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