Prada stripes

The look of the season has to be Prada's delicious stripes. So why not grab inspiration from these stripe patterns to get your washroom in vogue.

Use it on:

shower tile
tub enclosure

or as an unexpected shot of drama: the back of the door

Break down her dress into 3 sections: top = walls, middle = vanity pattern, skirt = floor design. Wild and wonderful. For a subtle look keep the pattern design but use a softer colour palette such as light blue, creamy beige, white and then for the thinnest stripe a hit of sunny yellow.

Like the idea of a striped vanity but where to find one?

Ikea darling!

Grab yourself the Ikea Godmorgon (btw that means good morning in german)  sink cabinet with 2 drawers in high gloss gray, take it to a body shop and have them spray on your stripe pattern. Or better yet, head to the nearest hardware store buy some cans of spray paint and painters tape and do the job yourself. btw, the legs are optional, so you can also have a floating vanity. I prefer a floating vanity, but the silver legs are also nice. If you opt for the legs consider painting them a contrasting colour. So if I used the outfit above, I'd paint the vanity green, blue & white with the high gloss grey as the main stripes, then the legs bright pink, or the top half of the legs high gloss grey and the bottom half pink  - holy run on sentence!

So here's the vanity:
and here's the dipped leg idea:

Turn it into this:

 Now use your imagination peeps - this chickie ain't no photoshop pro!
 top drawer = shirt, bottom drawer = skirt or use just 2 colours and stick with the pattern:

The Ikea vanity also comes in high gloss white as seen bellow,
so let your colour combo choices run wild.

Ok, enough chatting. Back to the wonderful world of Prada stripes:

Here's an easy pattern to use:

Try flipping them around. Vertically is nice too

(#5 is my fav, she would make such a pretty wall)

 If you got inspired by this post and decided to create your own Prada vanity or use Prada stripes in your washroom in any other way, send me some pics I'd love to see and will post them so everyone can enjoy.

Next post: the classic black and white stripe

ps. sorry for the somewhat blurry pics, am working on fixing that

pps. wouldn't it be cool to do a Prada vanity with the Prada logo stenciled on the side or made to look like handles, oh so many fun possibilities

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