Pebble power

There are so many tile choices to dazzle up the shower, but which to choose? As the back wall of the shower is one of the largest decorative surfaces in the bathroom it is important to give this area alot of consideration. You want something gorgeous of course and hopefully something that is somewhat timeless so it can last you a few good years. So first stop on my shower tile decorating tour is an option not everyone considers: pebbled walls. Adding pebbles to your decor helps to create a relaxed spa atmosphere.  I've found 3 different looks that I hope will give you some inspiration.

mucho pebbles
wall to wall pebbles gives that I've just hit the beach and need to get sand out of some places it don't belong look. btw, check out the great floating shower bench, this type usually fold up so it's great for sitting on to shave your legs and can also be folded up for when you're showering a deux, Ooooo yeah...

a stripe done right
a great choice as it gives a hint of originality to your shower.The combo of white tiles and pebbles keeps the look fresh and timeless.

just a sprinkle

pebbles can be very expensive so a little touch like this is perfect for anyone who wants a little oomph but not a big price tag. Also check out the cutie orange shower stool, I need one of those.

images: decomag, m&d, decomag

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