I've gone to heaven and seen the washrooms up there

This bathroom is beyond gorgeous. It is modern minimalist and luxurious all at the same time. If there are washrooms in heaven I am betting they look something like this. Look at that marble tile, it is either Calacatta or Staturio, either way it is one of the most expensive marbles out there. What an unbelievable job they did of placing the veins. How perfectly matched up and positioned to showcase the beautiful colour and movement.They could not have chosen a better tub to showcase this marble. The attention to detail in this bathroom is fantastic. Notice how the towel bars, tub faucet and hand shower and also the vanity legs mirror the square edged legs of the tub perfectly. The window and shower door handles are a bit rounded, but who other than an anal blogger would notice that when faced with such beauty! Also love the fact that they matched the window frame with the vanity colour. The dark wenge colour helps to ancor your eye, just like a touch of black does in any well designed room.

images: montreal home

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