How to go from boring to bora bora

Can you believe these mats? When I saw them the thought came to my mind that this designer probably promised his wife a trip to bora bora for their anniversary and when he saw the price tag for the trip decided to create his own islands.  But was that a good idea? Every morning she will get out of the tub feeling like a huge giant as she puts her foot down on that island getting tiny coconuts stuck between her toes. Start saving up those air miles mister.
I wonder if Richard Branson has a mat made of his Necker island.
I guess you need a blue or green floor for these to work. If anyone out there has a set of these please send me pics of how you use them. In a way it's tempting to buy a set so at your high school reunion  you can say:

"well, I own 3 islands".
"really, where?" they would ask.
"they're of the bora bora islands"
"don't you mean in?"
"let's not get into semantics here. In, of, whatever. Oh look there's so and so, gotta go"

Moral of the story: buy a set of inexpensive bath mats: $40 or so bucks, look like a billionaire to the snotty girl who humiliated you in high school: priceless.

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