Gorgeous feminine shower curtains

And it would be impossible not to buy this rug to go with them.

It is moments like this where it would be so handy to  live in a castle with 25 bathrooms. I would buy all of these, and because I love colour so much I would get multiples and have them dyed in different colours (note, I would have them dyed cause I'd be living in a big castle so no getting my delicate little richie rich hands dirty! Ahhh what a nice dream). The "sculpted mums" (i.e. the big sexy flowers) would look gorgeous in light yellow or lilac. The "waves of ruffles" (the last one) would be spectacular in a soft ballet pink. At $118.00 a curtain it is a bit pricey diy project. However, if anyone has tried dying these to die for curtains please let me know. All curtains are available at (and images are from): anthropologie

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