DIY: Design your own bathmat

So you went to Ikea and bought a boring white mat. You put it your bathroom and started to yawn. You lost the receipt so you are stuck with it. But wait! With just a little work this little mat could turn into the trendiest most fantastic detail in your washroom.

Came across this great diy project.

I think it would be fun to make some unique bath mats. I'm not sure how the paint will hold up from stepping on it with wet feet (I think I've solved that problem a little later in this post). If anyone experiments please post a comment to let us know what paint you used and the results you got. Also would like to know how painted mats hold up in the wash. If you want the step by step instructions please visit the original site listed bellow. She gives nice easy to follow steps.
I think her grey chevron mat would look fantastic in a white washroom. images and diy instructions can be found here: while-the-sun-shines

Sure you could use paint, but another great and easy way to pimp your carpet is with sharpie markers. You can do finer details with the markers plus no worries about washing the mat or stepping on it with wet feet and could draw free hand so no taping or paint covered fingers either.

Here's some great ideas I found on the sharpie blog:

This was a drawing but I think it would be even cooler as a bath mat. Definitely my favorite. I'd place it right in front of the tub...
(could buy fabric dye to dye the top half of the rug blood red)

On a sweeter note:

This was Mother's day gift wrap paper, but would make a great mat for a teenage girl's bathroom. Remind her what's really important when she's looking in that mirror.

Some other design ideas:

make your union jack in colours to match your washroom - try lime green, white and pink or cobalt blue, white and hermes orange

go wild with color here too - why not do the zebra print in purple

can do a combo of tie-dying the rug pink and then drawing on a floral design

carpet images: 2nd rug is a Pamela Easton & Lydia Pearson design, all others are from The Rug Company

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