Celebrity bathroom - Keri Russell

Ok, why did I put a picture of her living room in here? Take a look at the cool, simple to copy, side table her husband made. See how the tree is shooting out of it? Now picture that side table in her washroom right next to the tub, how perfect would that look? Lying in the tub you would feel like you are ship wrecked a-la robinson cruseo taking your bath under the shade of a tree. It would be a great addition for anyone who wants to incorporate plants in their bathroom and needs a little counterspace too. You could scale it to whatever size fits your room and oh how cheap it would be to make! I'd put a vintage teacup saucer with a pretty soap on it along with a bunch of old heavy crystal brandy decanters filled with bath salts and maybe an antique soup bowl with sea sponges stacked up. And every time you drip water on it, no need to worry about wiping it up, you are adding character to the wood, at least that's what I would tell myself.

images: elle decor

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