Black & white striped walls

Notice how the baseboards are also striped, giving the impression that the stripes keep going and going...Compare this to the second photo where the base boards are painted white. Which do you prefer?

Don't forget, when doing horizontal stripes, you need to decide this before you start painting. If you don't you could end up with your last stripe before the baseboards being white followed by the white baseboards so your stripe thickness with be thrown off. The easiest thing to do is after setting your tape, grab a pencil and write a B on the first stripe after the baseboards and work your way up to the ceiling. Double check it once to ensure that you didn't skip a stripe, it has been known to happen! This way you will end up with a perfect job. Oh yeah, and even easier is to buy striped wallpaper.

Note the combo of 2 different width stripes. Is it an optical illusion, are they really the same width? Who knows, but still I like the idea of using two different widths. 

Compare this photo to the first one, they are somewhat similar so it will help you decide if you prefer horizontal or vertical stripes and whether or not to continue the stripe in the shower.

From thick to thin, horizontal or vertical, mat or glossy, black and white stripes always look chic and add excitement in both large and small bathrooms. A combo of one wall with vertical stripes and the other with horizontal stripes can also be nice. To keep it from making you feel dizzy it's best to seperate the two stripe styles with a big chunk of white space. For example, the white tiled shower in the above photo would be a perfect seperator.

If you want to get even more creative with your stripes, check out  the Prada stripes in the previous post.

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