Helly Kitty accessories to glam up a girlie washroom

Stopped by Sephora and came across a bunch of adorable Hello Kitty products that would add a sweet touch to any girlie girl bathroom.

Imagine how cute this brush set would look on a vanity. And when I say on "a vanity", I really mean on my vanity. Come 'ere kitty kitty..:

and of course what better way to check out your makeup application then with this mirror

I'm sure Mariah Carey and Kimora Lee Simmons are having their assistants order one of these "Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror Made With Swarovski Elements". With a $350 price tag, only hardcore Hello Kitty fans will be buying one of these beauties.

Never wore a shower cap before, but maybe if I had a cute one like this I'd give it a try. Who am I kidding?! I wouldn't be caught dead in a shower cap hahaha... (evil laugh). Please don't sue me hello kitty lawyers.

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