Taking a pee at Jennifer Aniston's house

How can I write about the coolest, chicest bathrooms without including that of one of the coolest and chicest actresses around. The oh so lovely Jennifer Aniston put her house on the market and this gives us a chance to get a peak inside.

Check out the guest bathroom her friends get to use after drinking up all that free Smartwater:

The vanity/sink is made out of onyx. This baby is crazy expensive. Basically to afford a piece of beauty like this you will need to go out and "borrow" all your neighbours patio sets, their bbqs, strip the mags from their cars, hopefully you live in a neighbourhood where the kids pimp their rides, this can save you alot of time, grab their mailboxes, list all that stuff on ebay, then repeat this process for the next 20 or so blocks in your neighbourhood. Maybe then you will be able to afford a vanity like this.

And look at those walls, where do you get wood like that? I'm thinking dark chocolate coco bean trees. Maybe the walls scent the room with a faint smell of chocolate. Smart move Jen, save some money on airfresheners.

Jen why aren't we friends? Nothing but the best for Jen's friends.

Wonder what brand of toilet paper she puts in a washroom like this, definately not your bargain 2 ply.

Next, look at that gorgeous chandelier, yikes, the other half must be on the other side of the mirror. As you stand in her guest bath you are saying to yourself  "damn, I knew I should have bought a $50 wine instead of spending fifteen bucks."

Now this is some washoom, but for my taste it is a bit dark. As painful as it sounds, to brighten up the room, I would carefully remove the delicious wood walls and slap on a shade of white paint (did I just hear her decorator scream?). That way the focal point of the room is the unbelievable onyx counter. Oh, and I'd switch out the big ceramic jug for a more modern piece. Wish there were more photos of this room, but no luck, would have to pony up $42 million to see more.

Here's a picture of her dressing room makeup area:

I absolutely love this colour combo and think that it is a great inspiration to use for a timeless yet fresh bathroom. The pop of fushia really adds a touch of vibrance to the room. Floating vanities like these would also work well for small bathrooms as they help to open up the space.

The master bath sounds pretty spectacular (sorry no photos available):

a master suite with dual baths, a Japanese Ofuro tub (what is a Japanese Ofuro tub you ask? Here's a good description and check out the company that made Jen's ) as well as a sunken spa tub, steam shower and generous closet space. Plus there are 3 additional bedrooms each with their own en-suite baths.

I would love to get my hands on more pics of her fabulous bathrooms. If you fall to temptation and buy her pad, please send me some pics or better yet invite me over and I'll take them myself. *smile*

(For more photos of Jen's spectacular home click here, select the listing that reads : Beverly Hills Celebrity Retreat, Beverly Hills, California 90210)

Helly Kitty accessories to glam up a girlie washroom

Stopped by Sephora and came across a bunch of adorable Hello Kitty products that would add a sweet touch to any girlie girl bathroom.

Imagine how cute this brush set would look on a vanity. And when I say on "a vanity", I really mean on my vanity. Come 'ere kitty kitty..:

and of course what better way to check out your makeup application then with this mirror

I'm sure Mariah Carey and Kimora Lee Simmons are having their assistants order one of these "Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror Made With Swarovski Elements". With a $350 price tag, only hardcore Hello Kitty fans will be buying one of these beauties.

Never wore a shower cap before, but maybe if I had a cute one like this I'd give it a try. Who am I kidding?! I wouldn't be caught dead in a shower cap hahaha... (evil laugh). Please don't sue me hello kitty lawyers.