Champaign bubbles in the bath

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you for making my year blogging so much
fun. I've enjoyed reading your comments and
nothing excites me more then to see visitors from
all across the world. I truly appreciate your stopping
by. I know this is going to be an exciting year and
I look forward to spending it with you.

I wish you nothing but the best for the year to
come. May you have health, happiness,
fabulous times, tons of luxurious bubble baths
and dances under the rainshower. I hope this will
be your best year yet.


Model, Devon Aoki in the bathtub photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth.

image via: ellen von unwerth 

Slanted ceiling bathrooms

Slanted ceilings in bedrooms always make me feel like the room looks
claustrophobic. Not to mention how painful it is whacking your head on the
ceiling when you wake up in the morning. Yup, I've done that once or
twice staying at friends ski chalets. However, looking at these photos of
washrooms with slanted ceilings, I find the slant gives the
 bathrooms a lot of charm and character.

I really like how they accented the slant in the first photo by painting the
wall that delicious shade of blue. So pretty.

This pedestal sink is  perfectly positioned at the heighest point of the slant.

These exposed log beams give this next bathroom a rustic
country feel. I can just imagine a lumberjack leaning
his ax against the tub and throwing his clothes over
that log beam.

I think this irregular shaped shower is far more interesting
then if they had gone with a rectangular one. And
look at all that natural light coming in from the
shower skylight. That would definitely wake me up in
the morning. To shower in there at night, looking up at the
stars and the moon must be pretty fantastic too. I also like how they mix and
matched the tiles in the shower. It gives the shower a modern country feel.

So what do you think of slanted ceilings in the bathroom?

Is it a blessing or a curse?

images via: desire to inspiredecorabilitate, better homes and gardens,  unknown, marie claire maison, country living, brian vanden brink, better homes and gardenscountry living, coastal living, unknown x 2

Cheap and chic tub base solution

I love this idea of using a large mirror as a tub base cover. Not only does it
look fabulous, is inexpensive, and is easy to clean, but it makes your
washroom look bigger, and who doesn`t want a bigger looking
washroom. Plus you can see the refection of your toesies while
you sit on the toilet, bonus!

But where to buy a fab mirror large enough to cover your
tub base? Easy, just head over to any custom glass shower
shop and they can pretty much get you any size
mirror you need. I especially like the look of this bevelled mirror. 
I think it adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom. For a more
modern look you might go with a mirror without a bevell.

The only thing I might change here is that I would have probably also
mirrored the other side of the tub to make it look
like the tub is sitting inside a mirrored box.

image via: ideal home magazine

I like to give my petite lap giraffe a bubble bath once a week

Imagine waking up the day after new years to find this
cutiepie taking a bubble bath in your tub?!

I've got to compliment this little giraffe on his style in bathtubs. Love
the crema marfil tub base, tres chic.

 When I first saw a photo of the petite lap giraffe on the net, I freaked out. I love giraffes and to see one that could fit in the palm of your hand sounded to good to be true, it is (if you're interested you can read about it here). Imagine having your own little giraffe!

Ok, the next photos are not bathroom photos, but I could not resist the cuteness...

If you want to see more photos of the petite lap giraffe here is the official site.

images via: petite lap giraffe

Blue and white clean, fresh bathroom

Sometimes simple and straight forward is the best choice.

I like how they matched the vanity colour to the wooden blocks under the tub and to the
wicker laundry hamper. The blue stripe along the ceiling adds a special touch to
this simple bathroom.

all images via: house beautiful

Which colour grout goes better with white subway tiles?

White subway tiles are probably one of the most popular
tiles out there. Check out how a simple change
in grout color can completely change the look
of these tiles.

So which do you prefer? Colored grout

or white grout?

images via: the third photo is from house beautiful, all the rest unfortunately I have no clue. If you know please let me know.

More fab bathrooms from the W hotel

I couldn't get enough of the W hotel washrooms so I thought I'd
share some more great photos with you guys.

Hope these inspire you for your bathroom design.

w hotel mineapolis

I really like this floor level bathtub:

w hotel montreal

w hotel santiago

w hotel scottsdale

w hotel scottsdale

And this wall to wall marble might make me forget to 
go sightseeing...

w hotel southbeach

w hotel southbeach

w hotel southbeach

w hotel taipei

Check out the amazing view from this washroom in Washington DC:

w hotel washington dc

Soaking up an island view

Not sure which view is better; the view from the tub or the one
from the shower on the right. 

Look at those islands, talk about a breathtaking view. I wonder if the
owner of this house ever lies in that tub squishing and crushing the islands between
her fingers. Some people are really living the dream.

image via:tumblr

What is it? Answer

Wondering what these magical little mushrooms are
all huddled together for?

Click the "click to see more" to find out what this is...

(Kelly from Jax does design got it right! Wish this
were a contest and I had a prize to give her!
If you've never seen her blog, click on over,
it is really great. She will make your mouth
water with all the xmas treats she is posting about.)

Simply Marble-lous bathrooms

Mmm mmm mm dahlings, how I love marble.
Nothing beats the look of marble, those sexy lines,
that cold feeling, finding funky faces in the patterns.
I just cannot resist it.

Mo marble I say!

Ok, sometimes more marble can
look tacky if done wrong. So take some tips from these
ones to keep your bath looking fabulous dahlings.

What does the W in W hotel stand for? We know!

Checking out the W hotel, I couldn't resist taking a look at
their washrooms, and oh they do not disappoint.
Each location has a different style, but all are chic, relaxing and modern.

So now I know what the W stands for Washrooms!

I think they are a great inspiration for any bathroom reno:

w hotel hollywood

w hotel atlanta downtown

w hotel austin

w hotel bali

w hotel barcelona

w hotel boston

w hotel kohsamui

w hotel mexico city

So hard to choose a favorite.

How amazing is it to have a hammock in the bathroom?
 Love the sleek modern tubs in atlanta downtown, barcelona and kohsamui.

Where would you want to stay?